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Oil Filter - 6.1979.0

Oil Filter - 6.1979.0

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All oil filters are not created equal and compressorsupply.ca knows this. And this is why we have carefully selected only suppliers whose oil filters meet strict OEM specifications.

Oil filters are a vital part of any maintenance program. Keeping the oil dirt free in a compressor eliminates dirt from reaching other components. 

Canister (Cartridge) Oil Filter Element- This consists of an element inside a metal canister. The canister must be opened, and the new filter installed inside the cavity. This element may be a variety of materials (metal mesh, synthetic, paper, or cloth) and will be manufactured with micron ratings compatible to the OEM specifications.

Spin-On Oil Filter Element- Simple removal by spinning off and replacing the element. Manufactured of synthetic, paper, metal mesh or cloth, with a micron rating which varies based on manufacturer specifications.

The proper selection and use of compressed air filters will prevent many short and long term problems with your compressed air equipment and systems and save you substantially in down-time and component replacement costs over the life of your compressed air system.